INSTUDIO Returns the Bags of Rags

Design centers in every major city have showrooms that are filled with textiles with an international following.  The textiles or mills are known for unique designs colors, patterns or weaves. The selection is so vast that anyone but a design professional would be overwhelmed by the possibilities. Designers source fabrics by reviewing samples and compiling a list that showroom sample librarians will place in a chic bag that advertises the exclusive brand of textiles. This is what INSTUDIO Design Directors refer to as the bags of rags.

Custom design allows designers and their clients the opportunity to create one of a kind furnishings and window treatments. INSTUDIO Design Directors take clues from their clients who request custom designs to develop a palette of color and texture that suits the client’s lives and the overall design of rooms.

The completion of custom design projects is bittersweet for designers. The process of building relationships with their clients has come to an end.

Orders are placed for custom furnishings and special textiles.  Soon deliveries and installations of stylish items that make the clients home an individual living experience come together. When the home is complete the bags of rags are returned to the showrooms. The samples will be borrowed by another designer who will be inspired to use them in different ways for other unique designs.

For custom design use INSTUDIO the art of design the business of living