The Bones of Interior Design Accessories

When interior design is completed accessories add life and individual personality to rooms. Accessories make statements throughout the room with color, texture, sparkle and shape. Accessories are as individual as you are and should complement your décor.

We think of natural accessories as flowers, shells, fruits, dried leaves, branches or stones and forget about bones. Bones have interesting shapes that will enhance contemporary, artistic, edgy, rural or modernist rooms.

With a nick-knack paddy whack give your home some bones!

Recycle bones by first boiling them to remove anything attached. Give the bones a bleach bath overnight to remove color. After bleaching, allow bones time to completely dry. This treatment will give them the aged appearance of lying in the sun for years waiting to be discovered. Bones can be placed in bowls or trays as objects or mixed with other natural dry elements that are used as accessories.

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