A Contemporary & Traditional Master Bedroom

Sometimes those who love contemporary design actually live in traditional spaces. There is no reason not to have a room that matches your personal style when a balanced interior design is developed.

New homeowners who find modernist designs appealing had a master bedroom with architectural features that included traditional moldings, oak hardwood floors, paneled doors, traditional wall sconces and a chandelier. The room was painted in a color that they liked and outfitted with traditional furnishings. Their only nod to contemporary design was their new lighting selections and the use of white on white bedding.

When INSTUDIO Design Directors discussed ideas about a new bedroom design the husband wanted to push the overall design plan in a new direction. He had seen back lit upholstered walls and wanted the design to include this idea.

A white fabric upholstered wall system with lighting was designed. Formerly dark blue walls were painted a pale blue gray. A plush blue custom rug both grounded and added color to the room.  Gloss white parsons mini desks became night tables. Shiny white wall mounted lamps replaced sconces and reading lamps. The simple straight lines, dark wood and curves of the homeowner’s traditional mahogany sleigh bed added juxtaposition to the design. Outfitted once again with white on white the bed has contemporary allure.

Mix contemporary and traditional design with the expert eyes of the INSTUDIO Design Directors.

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