A Fun Foyer Features Fantastic Art

A foyer gives visiting guests a first impression of both the homeowners and the home’s interior design.  A large foyer in a Burlingame, CA bungalow was painted sunny yellow with white trim that is usually associated with classic traditional rooms. A modest antique ceiling mounted light fixture, a traditional French style wood cabinet, small works of art and a colorful traditional rug completed the space. The furniture, lighting, rug and art was all very nice but did little to reflect the vibrant young couple living there.

Initially INSTUDIO interior design directors planned to replace the light fixture, add a contemporary console table and use a solid color wool rug to modernize the foyer. When narrowing down selections for a console table the designers were told by the clients that they rarely used the existing cabinet and could easily live with no furniture in the foyer.

When a new accent/wall color was selected for adjoining rooms it made sense to include some of the new color in the foyer to coordinate the rooms. INSTUDIO suggested painting the walls in wide horizontal stripes. This treatment would make the room itself a work of art. The antique lighting would then be replaced with a large scale classic modern pendant fixture. The couple could then take their time to select a large scale work of art to turn the foyer into a mini gallery space.

Homeowner/Husband Max Requenes surprised both his wife and INSTUDIO by teaming with his friend Delcio Gomes to create a large scale work of art based on the iconic Chuck Close “Self portrait, 1967” as an enormous Lego toy. Visiting guests now get a first impression of the young fun art loving couple who live in the house the moment that they walk through the front door.

Self Portrait, 1967 by Max Requenes & Delcio Gomes is available through: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/self-portrait-1967-max-requenes.html

Contact Max directly for the artist edition 55”x72” print: max@requenes.com

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