INSTUDIO Design Directors tell COLOR STORIES

Benjamin Moore Paints invited INSTUDIO Design Directors to the San Francisco launch of their new full spectrum color collection, Color Stories. The new collection is inspired by how we truly experience the essence of color in our daily lives. Color speaks to us through observation, memory and perception.

Presented as books the new selections are grouped in volumes that reflect colors found in nature:  Shades of Gray, Naturally Neutral, Earthen Hues, Violet Twilight, Fluid Blues, Elemental Greens, Golden Fields and Fiery Sunset.  Our color memories are vivid moments that are captured in our mind’s eye as a pleasant experience. We see a full spectrum of a particular color for instance on water or in a stone with variations in light, transparency or shadow.

The secret to the uniqueness of the Color Stories collection is that colors are developed with pure pigments which do not contain blacks or grays to enrich their character. Because of the absence of blacks or grays, surfaces painted with Color Stories change dramatically with natural and artificial light.

INSTUDIO Design Directors almost immediately used selections from the Color Stories Collection for the interiors of a completely remodeled house. The same color used in two adjoining rooms looked entirely different based on the room size and light source.

Let INSTUDIO help you tell your own color story with Benjamin Moore Paints.

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