Mark Bradford Retrospective at SF MOMA

INSTUDIO Design Directors are active in the artistic communities of San Francisco. They are constantly advising interior design clients to attend art exhibits, visit open artist’s studios and tour galleries to view or collect original art.

It seems during the last four months that every conversation with fellow artists or designers has ended with “Have you seen the Mark Bradford Retrospective at SF MOMA yet? You have to see it!” The designers all took an “art day off” last Monday to finally experience the exhibit that will close mid-June, 2012.

Mark Bradford is a native of Los Angeles who elevates contemporary art to a new level with thought provoking pieces that belie their intellectual depth by being monumental in scale, beautiful to look at and finely crafted or collaged from overlooked everyday items and recycled items culled from the urban landscape.

While the Design Directors knew of Bradford’s work by following art publications nothing prepared them for the spiritual journey they would take by seeing the works themselves. Each was moved in different ways. Conversations that followed viewing the retrospective brought up extreme points of view. One designer was moved to tears. One thought that he was seeing something so new in the art world that the exhibit was a pivotal point in art history. Another was so inspired that he began to see how his future works would change as a result of seeing the retrospective.

Our slideshow culled from the internet can be compared to seeing a postage stamp of the Mona Lisa. Visit SF MOMA to see these contemporary masterworks there’s only a few weeks left as the exhibit closes June 17, 2012.

Mark Bradford Retrospective

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