Mellow Yellow was released by Donovan in 1967

Mellow Yellow was reused in a Living Room designed by INSTUDIO in 2012. Former New Yorkers had traded their city sized NYC apartment for a spacious light filled bungalow in Burlingame, CA. The art loving young professionals painted the walls of their Foyer and Living Room a glowing sunny yellow with white trim that is usually associated with classic traditional rooms.

The couple chose INSTUDIO Design Directors to help them utilize their existing furniture in new plans, select new furniture as needed and develop individual style for their home. Initially the living room wasn’t a good reflection of the couple; they trusted the designers to use their artistic talents for a fresh new look.

When presented with toned down golden hues as color options the clients rejected the neutral palette. The Design Directors opted to paint all the white trim yellow developing a contemporary field of overall color.  Yellow was paired with a gray-green accent color. This bold stroke enhanced the rooms and became a backdrop for their art collection.

Greens, blues purples and bronze tones complemented the yellow walls as accessories, art and textiles. Neutral tones of oatmeal, pale sage, walnut, espresso, chalk white and polished stainless steel were used as large furniture and light fixtures. The key to using brilliant color is balance.

Wild about Saffron? Design with Mellow Yellow, quite rightly.  INSTUDIO can help.

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