Samuel Fleming Lewis gets Pinned

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors show their avid interest in all things related to art & design by utilizing and social media sites. By exposing artists, products, ideas, designs, history, images, small local shops or global manufacturers the goal is to let those interested in design or potential clients see what the Design Directors see during the design process.

While vaguely aware of Pinterest the designers thought that they had enough social media exposure and choose to take their time before joining the image pin board.  Their attitude changed during an interview with a new potential client. When asking personal style questions for his minimalist loft style apartment the bachelor told the designers to look at his Pinterest pin boards for images of things he liked.

INSTUDIO is known for not having a particular design style and are proud of the fact that they don’t. Realistically the designs are for their clients not for themselves.  The art of design boils down to a combination of a good furniture plan and the artistic principles of proportion, balance and rhythm developed to reflect the client’s personal style. Because the designers are not slaves to specific styles or trends they constantly research a wide array of products to tailor interior design to their client’s personal style.

Samuel is the first of the Design Directors to join Pinterest and was immediately hooked. Everything that he likes could be instantly shared, from local artists to rare antiques; recycled goods to custom made designs and everything in between can be found on his new pin boards. The addiction may disappear but Samuel thinks Pinterest is a very good way to let people become part of INSTUDIO.

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