Sustainable Furniture from Cisco Home

Sustainable furniture conjures images in one’s mind of artless boring utilitarian pieces developed by tie dye wearing tree huggers intent on saving the planet. You can erase that image when you visit San Francisco’s Cisco Home Hayes Valley location. The stylish furniture store draws you in with visually pleasing arrangements of art, unique case goods, recycled sculptural objects, lighting, accessories and textiles.

Since 1990 owner and furniture designer Cisco Pinedo was the first to create a line of 100% sustainable upholstered furniture. Personal styles that range from traditional to contemporary can be matched in furnishings made with natural materials, friendly to the environment and customized to your taste and exact needs.

The hand crafted furnishings are made by talented people in South Central Los Angeles who are committed to the environment. With Cisco Brothers furniture you can be a tree hugger and save the planet all while sitting pretty in a chic designer home. No one will be the wiser.

Cisco Home

580 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA

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