A Grand Rapids Family Room Designed in San Francisco

A client living in Grand Rapids, Michigan contacted the San Francisco Design Directors of INSTUDIO to develop a new design for her dated family room after removing carpet and installing hardwood floors.

She took advantage of the new INSTUDIO Affordable Creative Concept Expert Support Subscription. The flat fee of $1,500 was paid in advance to provide up to one month of design support for one room. This allowed her to see different plans, design and furniture options that would give her room fresh appeal.

When contemplating the design of her room the client realized that the traditional printed textiles that she had selected decades ago for window treatments and pillows were still in vogue and wanted to keep them. She used the DIY tools found on instudio-sf.com then sent room dimensions to the Design Directors followed by a small parcel of finishes, photographs and textiles.

Three different design and furniture plans were developed. She was impressed by the new ways that she could use the room and the furniture and finish selections. The Design Directors suggested that she review the plans with her husband and consider how they really use the room on a daily basis before implementing a plan.

With most furniture sources available both online and as stores throughout the United States it’s easy to design a room with professional results wherever you live with ACCESS to an INSTUDIO Design Director in San Francisco.

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