Art from an iPhone Enhances Your Home

INSTUDIO encourages clients to use art as an inspiration to develop interior design at the beginning of a project or add art as personal statement to complement the design of a completed room. Original art brings individuality to a home or workplace.

The convenience of cameras on iPhones and the use of small digital cameras give us the opportunity to create works of art on a moment’s notice. If we allow ourselves a moment of time to notice nature, urban settings, interesting people, architecture and details of objects, we can see works of art every day.

Samuel Fleming Lewis arrived a little early for an art exhibit in San Francisco. He decided to take a short nap in his car that was parked on a quiet tree lined side street near the gallery. After letting the car seat back to relax he noticed the beautiful color of sun dappled trees, the shapes of branches, clouds and blue sky. Five photographs were taken that captured the essence of a summer breeze in a late afternoon sky.

With digital art publishing sites like Fine Art America these images can be reproduced as stretched canvas art, framed paper, canvas prints or by other reproduction methods that can grace your walls with custom personal art. The art will be shipped ready within 3 to 5 days. Use your own art from an iphone to enhance your home.

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