Clearly Captivating Design & Décor

Developed in the 1930’s transparent thermoplastic was used as a lightweight shatterproof alternate to glass. Lucite, Acrylic, Plexiglas, Perspex were the early names given to the then new clear material now commonly referred to as polycarbonate by manufacturers.

Industrial, furniture and interior designers continue to explore the use of plastic products for their unique ability to be there but not there. From a space planning point of view clear furnishings seem to disappear while still providing seating, horizontal/table surfaces or as a platform for display. Clear furnishings don’t capture the eyes attention as objects and allow art, textiles, accessories or other furniture to become focal points in a room.

The ghost like quality of clear plastic furnishings always makes them seem contemporary. Vintage modern, custom made or well priced contemporary pieces all capture the new edgy quality of something fresh and interesting as part of design & décor schemes. When spaces are tight, either physically or visually, consider a clear alternative to bulky furniture.

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