Contemporary Art Enlivens a Dining Room

A weekend visit during the Fall season open artist studios at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco became the first meeting after INSTUDIO began work with its new art loving clients. The couple viewed art by touring at their own pace stepping into studios that exhibited art that resonated with them while meeting the artists.

Returning to Open Studios on their own the clients purchased an atmospheric abstract painting by Susan Spies. The painting became the focal point of their dining room. When clients own original art there is an opportunity develop a room by using art work as a foundation for personalized interior design.

While she prefers calm works of art he prefers edgy pieces that tell an underlying story. This creates the prefect yin and yang for art that moves your eye through rooms. Remembering an interesting photograph seen in Manhattan that he wanted even though he he didn’t recall the name of the artist or the gallery the piece was found and purchased for the room after an intense Google search.

A classic modernist oval shaped Saarinen dining table is planned to replace the existing one. INSTUDIO Design Directors came across a set of six pristine vintage dining chairs and purchased them for inventory. The clients liked and had planned to keep their existing chairs for the time being. After seeing how the sculptural vintage chairs brought life to the room they were included in the design. The Saarinen table will be the finishing touch to this eclectic artful dining room.

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