When Art has a Wrinkle it’s a Mark Paron Crinkle

Mark Paron is a self-taught San Francisco artist who creates organically responding to his personal visions. He works with a wide range of materials matching them to his broad knowledge of craft and design to create beautiful sculptural works of art.

Inspired by the micro biotic, organic and synthetic his “Crinkles” defy category. The works take on the essence of different things depending on their size and material. Metals, fabrics, Mylar, plastic sheeting, metallic or natural leather give the sculptures different quirky qualities. A rock, a seed, a microscopic cell, a meteor, a nugget or any matter of creation comes alive in abstract form through Mark’s creations.

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors like “Crinkle” wall sculptures because they add an arresting spot of color, depth and form wherever they are installed. The offbeat quality of the one of a kind pieces allow them to fit within any type of design style.  Find a “crinkle” to match your personal style or contrast your décor at http://www.markparon.com

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