A Little Table with Photographic Memory

The current term used for creative reuse of home furnishings, “Upcycle” can be applied to this small thrift store Parsons Style table. INSTUDIO Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis has been using his creativity to re-imagine used or dated home furnishings decades before upcycling got a name. His current project is a chic study in black and white.

After cleaning her studio, globally known San Francisco Architectural photographer Sharon Risedorph gave Samuel a plastic storage container full of thousands of black and white Polaroid photographs. The images were a byproduct of her professional work. They were used to check lighting and composition prior to making the commitment to taking the shot on film.

Sharon knew that her photographs would go to good use after Lewis figured out how he would use them. He had once woven photographs into a tapestry of sorts in the 1980’s that graces his home today.

During experiments, Samuel discovered that Elmer’s glue and Polaroid paper don’t really like each other. The waves and textures formed by their resistance made the surface all the more interesting. The little photograph covered table will be the first of many art and design projects that Lewis plans to make from Sharon’s images.


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