Creative Collaboration gets INSTUDIO Design Directors SHOT

San Francisco’s South of Market is not a crime scene but an art and design scene.  INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis, Stephen Kladder and Lynne Gillan needed new photographs to celebrate their third year in business. They combined the talents of creative neighbors all within the same block.


INSTUDIO has recently completed the interior design of the local filmmaker’s studio making it artistic, colorful and efficient. Mission Pictures is producing a soon to be released interior design video tour of an art collecting client’s home. Shane King of Mission Pictures who shot the designers knows how to tell a visual story.


INSTUDIO Design Directors encourages clients to add one-of-a-kind items to every room to match their personal style. Big Daddy’s Antiques has something unique for everyone, just choose your era! Statement pieces like a pair of hand carved wooden lions or a grand armoire are found there. Delicate table top items or vintage accessories from all over the world are also in the vast space.

Design Direction: INSTUDIO

To produce a “who is behind the design” story Samuel Fleming Lewis, Stephen Kladder and Lynne Gillan collaborated with fellow design professionals. Big Daddy’s Antiques was chosen as the scene location because of the visually stimulating furnishings and space. Mission Pictures understood the power of imagery in interior design after their studio was designed. Their residential interior video tour made the filmmakers the natural choice to document the designers among furnishings that they love.

Mission Pictures

Big Daddy’s Antiques

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