Time to Refresh My Daughter’s Bedroom

INSTUDIO Interior Design Direction is available online.  Wherever you live you can have access to a designer with a flat fee subscription. The online consultation below solved a design problem when a dad needed to redecorate his teen daughter’s room.

DAD:             The two of us would like to re-paint her bedroom and we’re looking for some color inspiration. We would like to change the chandelier. We need a new closet since her clothes are now bigger. We would like to keep the bed unit. Room photos are in the attachment along with a drawing of the room. Personality wise she’s not a girly girl.

INSTUDIO:     I would paint the entire room including the ceiling a neutral color then add horizontal stripes of various widths from as small as 1/2″ to as wide as 12″ (and several sizes in between) on the walls at the door and the wall facing the bed. The neutral background color will also become a color of the stripes.

You will need good painters tape, a long level, a pencil to mark out the stripes, various sizes of small or touch up rollers and a hair dryer and patience. After you paint the neutral color the stripes can become a weekend project that you do together. I’ve done this myself and it’s pretty easy.

NEUTRAL BACKGROUND:  Ocean Air 2123-50
MAGENTA STRIPE:                Royal Flush 2076-20
DEEP BLUE STRIPE:            Seaport Blue 2060-30
MEDIUM BLUE STRIPE:       Pool Party 2057-50
YELLOW/GREEN STRIPE:   Dark Lime  2027-10

The key to the stripes is mixing the sizes and color combinations. The stripes and colors are youthful and will complement any style decor, bedding and any furniture selection while adding some fun to the room. When you are tired of them they can be changed or painted out.

I would recycle the chandelier by removing the shades, painting it with a good primer then painting it to match the ceiling color. After it’s painted add really big clear round light bulbs and a dimmer switch as a creative reuse project.

DAD:              I like the idea, in fact I was thinking about a neutral color like that and I was looking into some fun wallpaper from Graham & Brown that has lots of picture frames. I have a question: Would you also paint the trim and door? If so, what color?

INSTUDIO:     I would paint the trim and door Ocean Air to match the walls and ceiling. I didn’t suggest it at first because many people with natural wood moldings don’t like painting their finished wood. Painting the trim and door will make the room young, fresh and contemporary.

DAD:              What color would you suggest for an area rug in the room?

INSTUDIO:     For the area rug I’d try to match the Benjamin Moore Dark Lime color. My second choice would be Magenta. If you can’t find a ready-made rug that you like you might try a carpet store for remnant.  You could also consider having a custom rug made with bound edges to fit the room, for a small room custom is not expensive. Think Shag!

DAD:              Just wanted to report that the Ocean Air is now the new background color. We spent the weekend fixing the walls, primed and finally painted. Next couple of weekends we will paint the stripes. We went with an eggshell finish…boy you need to pay attention the way you use the roller!  I did paint the door frame but not the door yet. I’ll see the impact and paint it later.

I did remove the blinds from the room and was planning to get some nice curtains to make it more fun. Any suggestion on the color would be appreciated.

INSTUDIO:     Be sure to use Scotch Blue Painters Tape with “edgelock”.  This will give you the cleanest lines for your stripes.

INSTUDIO:     More Ideas.

CARPET TILES: Think of carpeting the entire room with one of the following. (Consider using lime throughout with a magenta stripe centered on the door that runs through the room.)

Take a look at these curtains. Buy the long curtains and install the rod near the ceiling for a contemporary look. Use silver colored rods.

DAD:              Thanks again for your suggestions. Just want to make sure I understand the stripe wall correctly.  I did draw some samples to see the different combinations. I like #3 best, but I may test other sequences. I’m not sure if it would be best with a random sequence or a pattern sequence.

I can’t wait to show you the final results.




INSTUDIO:     I like #3 the best too!  In general I like a random but balanced pattern, #3 works well.

INSTUDIO: Cant’ wait to see the competed room!

This consultation was typical of INSTUDIO ACCESS or  Affordable Creative Concept Expert Support Subscription.  ACCESS helps you to realize your dream room with a designer as a guide.  A flat fee of $1,500 is paid in advance to INSTUDIO to provide up to one month of design support for one room. Visit services for details.

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