The Fine Art of Painted Furniture Details

For centuries artists have added exquisite paintings and details to customize fine furniture. Striping, floral motifs, gilt details, silver or gold leaf, chinoisserie, trompe l’oeil and geometric patterns can be found on fine furniture throughout history. Art as a finishing touch adds distinction and individual personality to hand crafted furniture.

At Hickory Chair Furniture Company custom designs are applied by award winning artists at the workshops on-site art studio. Artists treat your ideas for customizing furniture as a vehicle for their creative talents.

Your furniture itself becomes a one of a kind work of art after being transformed with artist painted details. Striping adds depth and character to doors, drawers or panels. Classic techniques found on rare antiques bring traditional furnishings to life. A classic or contemporary cabinet embellished with a one-of-a kind jaunty array colorful of stripes to complement your décor can become a work of modern art.

When INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis visited the Artist’s Studio at Hickory Chair Furniture Company he had the opportunity to see examples of the fine art that can enhance personalized furniture. The artists showed him how they enrich furniture with art. There is no limit to what they can compose to help you to create a work of fine art that happens to be furniture.

Enhance Hickory Chair Furniture through the “Artist’s Studio” program.


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