Can’t get enough of that funky STUFF

After finding a parking space across the street, INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis dropped into stuff for the first time. For decades, 150 Valencia has been an interesting odd place to buy old or used furniture from a long time San Francisco moving and storage company.

Now, within the huge warehouse of stuff, home furnishings, art and lighting are presented like boutique displays.  The joy of collecting fine and rare things is reflected. You name it:  retro, artistic, vintage, mid-century modernist, antique, collectable, classic, upcycled or art deco, the variety of select items for the home is endless.

Recently INSTUDIO included several items from stuff in a design plan for a young couple with no living room furniture. After selecting a plan the clients went straight to stuff, (open daily 10am-9pm) to purchase everything on their “vintage” list, received a 10% discount, had same day delivery and were using their new stuff in the evening.

When you can’t get enough of that funky stuff…  INSTUDIO says go there!

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