The Chair Reinvented by Ward Bennett

Ward Bennett’s contribution to chair design was well known to designers of luxury corporate office interiors of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Bennett designed more than 150 chairs, many of which have become classics. Simplicity and comfort were always his goals.  The designs that were realized by furniture manufacturer Brickell were always refined and elegant.

Interior and furniture design was only part of his talents. Bennett was adroit in all forms of art and design.  He designed everything from furniture to dresses. Store window displays, offices, homes and jewelry were also part of his expertise. Bennett shared studios and took classes with the internationally known artists, architects and sculptures of his day. Many of Bennett’s designs are in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection as well as in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

While a work of art, an interior or dress may be hard to find, his chairs have become coveted items for those in the know.  His reinvention of classic silhouettes gave his designs a timeless sense of luxury. Bennett looked globally for design inspiration. His 1968 scissor chair was based on an African design. The chair was recently reintroduced by Herman Miller replacing its original wood frame with a steel frame.  His library or courthouse style chairs maintain a contemporary spirit that remains as fresh as today’s interior design.

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