The Future of Furniture is shaped by William Earle

INSTUDIO Design Directors asked a lot of the future piece of furniture that would complete a contemporary living room.  The fireside seating area was a focal point of the room that needed something between a table, an ottoman, and a work of art. The art collecting clients didn’t want the expected.

The work of William Earle was discovered at the San Francisco Design Center in Khrome Studios. INSTUDIO Design Directors selected Earle’s “Hal” table and a pair of “Aix” and “Aan” tables to show their clients. The warmth of wood along with sculptural, futuristic shapes blended art with functional furniture. “Hal” walked into the living room sat down and never left.

William Earle’s designs look toward the future in form while function is rooted in the past. A table, for example, goes beyond being just a functional object to place something on when sculptural shapes force you to view it as a work of art. Earle’s furniture designs can enhance contemporary or modernist interiors by being fluid or become an edgy work of art in a traditional room. Whatever your personal style your future can be shaped with the artistic works of William Earle.

Ellen Lupton, curator of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, said the following to Metropolis magazine in 2004,  “The standard view might be that American design is intuitive, pragmatic and vernacular, while European design is theoretical and conceptual, but then along comes a minimalist like William Earle.”

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