A Functional Fetching Foyer for Bike Riders

The transition space between the front door and the living room of an apartment or home can be called a Foyer, Vestibule, Entrance Hall, or Ante-room. Traditionally the Foyer was a space reserved for a coat tree, umbrella stand, mirror, console table, a graceful chandelier, a beautiful rug and a bouquet of flowers. These items would set the tone for the design of the Living Room beyond.

Whatever you call the space, a large foyer is a rare item when found in an urban apartment. INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors recently presented an array of contemporary furnishings, art and lighting to young professionals who were new to San Francisco. While they liked the look of the items selected for them; they wanted more of a functional space where they could easily roll their brand new bikes out the front door to commute to work or discover the city.

The design solution for the garden level apartment was to bring colors found outside into the space with durable grass green carpet tile. The couple both likes graphic design and typefaces. Vintage street signs were used as art to reflect their interest near the front door. This treatment created an invitation to find certain streets while discovering San Francisco. Collage works by local artists made from recycled junk mail or black and white photographic images were used as edgy art. A hand crafted swan sculpture completes the space.

Match your functional foyer to your personal style with design direction from INSTUDIO.

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