Design Direction for a San Francisco Remodel

Living in a recently purchased house for six months to a year can often be the best way for homeowners to figure out what is needed to mold their house into a home. A San Francisco family of four found a house that suited them but did very little to it except for a change of wall color and a much needed remodel of a dated master bath.

When it was time to remodel the couple with two young sons knew exactly what they needed to do to make this house a home. They both had exposure to design and architecture. She had worked in the home furnishings industry for years and knew a lot about her personal style. As a teen he had worked for a contractor uncle as a project manager gaining useful construction experience.

INSTUDIO was hired for Interior Design Direction and worked with the architect and contractor that the clients selected. The Design Directors developed furniture plans that influenced the interior architecture and details of not just the living room but the entire four story house.

INSTUDIO says “it starts with a plan” and are excellent space/furniture planners but their design skills don’t stop there.  The Design Directors brought their extensive experience in interior architecture, color and material selection, textile coordination, and custom fabrication to the table. INSTUDIO, working in concert with the clients, architect, contractors, design showrooms and custom manufacturers not only brought the living room together, they helped fine tune a house into a home.

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