White Marble Enhances any Style of Bathroom

Whether your personal style is classic or contemporary white marble is a versatile, luxurious material that can enhance any bathroom. Purists may insist on Italian Carrara for its white background and gray veining. A wide range of subtle color can be found in a variety of white marbles.

The timeless appeal of the stone is evident in classical interiors when Ogee or Dupont details are combined with classical profiles that never go out of style. The Modernist movement architects as well contemporary designers simply polish flat edges and use large slabs of stone or tiles to create time honored fresh designs.

INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors produced a bathroom that blends both classic and contemporary profiles with finesse. Their clients had found a white Italian marble that they loved and wanted to use for their bath remodel.  The stone was available in slab, large tiles and a contemporary matchstick pattern all of which appealed to them.

The homeowners trusted INSTUDIO to create a bathroom that equally combined traditional and current design styles. The key to the mix is in the balancing of stone details throughout the room. Another great thing about white marble is that it can serve as a wonderful backdrop to color. A deep taupe was used on the walls while the vanity cabinet was painted a beautiful blue.

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