BLOBS by San Francisco Artist LUCAS SEVEN

BLOBS ARTICLE IMAGELucas Seven’s new “BLOBS” series of eight by ten inch stretched canvas acrylic paintings were developed with a few key words in mind:  Shape, Color & Fun. The black background of the paintings shows the character’s carefully thought out details and is a great contrast to the BLOBS bright colors. The playful characters created from his imagination are unique as their names. Blobby, Duffy, Chalky, Ommy, Pippy, Globby, Splashy, Weeny & Woody are Lucas’s current BLOBS. While these new works bring a smile to any viewer Lucas wanted to experiment by challenging himself to create something different and kid-friendly.

Some artists are so talented that they can paint or draw anything in any style. Lucas Seven is one of the rare artists that can produce whatever he sees in his mind’s eye on paper or canvas. His wide range of imagery spans his interest in creating realist landscapes, still life, animation, portraiture, abstract paintings, video graphics, surrealism and Chinioseire inspired murals or paintings.

INSTUDIO Design Directors have clients who foster their young children’s interest in art by purchasing small colorful original works just for them. The children seem to know, as young as four years old, that they have a special work of art hanging in their room that is their own and they can show and tell with pride. BLOBS are an excellent way to start kids thinking about art, color and form. BLOBS are also edgy little characters that can spice up a room no matter what age you are.

BLOBS are part of ongoing exhibit at 1500 17th Street, San Francisco, CA. Lucas invites you to drop by anytime, Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 3:00pm.  To set up a meeting with the artist email to  To see all of his works visit: .

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