MUJI Moves Minimal Modern Style to San Francisco

MUJI ARTICLE IMAGE 1When products are sold at the Museum of Modern Art STORE inNew York City it’s safe to say that the items selected for the store are destined to become internationally known design classics. INSTUDIO Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis has purchased iconic items from the MoMA STORE since the 1980’s that he continues to use today. His introduction to MUJI, the Japanese lifestyle brand of modern minimal practical goods began in New York. Several years ago the museum was the only U. S. source of a small selection of MUJI products.

MUJI recently opened a new store in San Francisco. Experience the full line of products for every facet of contemporary living. Apparel, Shoes, Luggage, Travel  Supplies & Bags, Electronics, Housekeeping Goods, Kitchen Items, Health & Beauty Products, Fragrances, Stationary, Office & Storage Supplies, Art & Craft Items, Gifts and Furniture for yourself.  All MUJI products have a look that reflects the company’s philosophy of simplicity achieved through a complexity of thought and design. Throughout the brand a timeless quality prevails with simple elegance. MUJI is not a store for those who believe that “more is more” in their design for living.

INSTUDIO is of the opinion that the high quality, minimal home furnishings can be enhanced to match any personal style. MUJI allows you and your personality to be the star of your environment, serving as a well designed backdrop and “set” for your life. San Franciscan’s no longer need to travel or go online to find the quality, well priced, contemporary, luxury of MUJI.

MUJI SOMA is located near the design center at 540 9th Street San Francisco, CA Telephone: 415  694.5981

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