Contemporary Custom Lighting with a Vintage Vibe

Malder ARTICLE IMAGE 4SOMA, or South of Market in San Francisco, has been known for cultivating artistic talents for decades. Creativity can be seen in galleries, shops and manufacturing businesses where interior designers source one of a kind items for their clients.

INSTUDIO Design Directors frequent The Malder Company where a wide range of custom lighting design, services and fixtures are found. Malcolm Cressy’s lighting design shop located in the heart of SOMA has provided generations of designers, architects and showrooms with custom lighting. At Malder all types of lighting can be found including historical based designs that are perfect for Victorian or traditional homes, custom lighting design, new fixtures, vintage fixtures, lighting or lamp repair and new exclusive designs.

Malcom has a keen eye for design talent. His assistant Noal Elkins recently developed a new collection of his own designs that he’d been thinking about while wiring and assembling lighting for others. Noal uses standard lighting parts along with custom shaped bent metal tubing that he forms by hand at the Malder workshop.

Noal’s new collection has an equal mix of contemporary, vintage and modernist appeal. The white, orange or red gloss powder coat finishes look as if they were designed in the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s. The black and brass finishes defy any time period and look as if they were discovered and removed from an Eames era American custom home or an updated European villa. Sizes range from pieces correctly scaled for eight foot ceilings, double height staircases or the tall ceilings of a grand formal dining room. There is also a floor lamp in Noal’s new collection. Noal uses round white chandelier bulbs as his personal favorite for his collection but acknowledges that different bulbs can give his new collection a completely different look.

The art of contemporary lighting design is alive and well at The Malder Company. Walk by and see these new creations displayed in the window or drop in to visit the showroom to see these timeless fixtures or discuss your lighting needs.

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