Design Direction for the Green Room

Green Room ARTICLE IMAGE 1In movies set designers take artistic liberties when developing interiors for real and fictionalized stories to make us believe in the characters that are portrayed on the silver screen.

INSTUDIO Design Directors used their imagination to develop the story of an urban movie loving couple who decided to turn their small home media room into a glamorous “Green Room” to enjoy the Academy Awards. Traditionally a Green Room is a well appointed space or facility that accommodates individuals making public appearances. INSTUDIO envisioned the couple dressing up for the occasion, enjoying cocktails and dinner while happily watching the long awards program at home.

The luxurious furnishings, accessories and art were selected from vendors from across the globe selling exceptional goods represented by the online site 1st Dibs. The Design Directors created six eclectic rooms of furnishings to match the different personalities and design styles of interesting fictional movie watching couples.

Because green is created from blue and yellow it’s a chameleon color that easily blends with any color. When yellow dominates yellow-greens create warmth in a room. When blue dominates blue-greens create cool tones in a room. Tinted with white or shaded with black, greens become a wide range of colors that can suit any interior design color palette.

INSTUDIO Design Directors can create a green room (or any color room) in any part of your home to match your personal style.  For a free initial design consultation contact the Design Directors at .

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