The Art of a Spiritual Evolution

Rhodes 2013 ARTICLE IMAGESan Francisco Artist William Rhodes expresses his spiritual evolution through his works of art. His solo exhibit, “What is Your Spiritual Evolution?”, at the Sargent Johnson Gallery of the African American Art & Culture Complex asks about yours.

Rhodes is an Artist, Wood Carver, Craftsman and Furniture Maker who combines his talents with his interest in Astrology, Global Religions, Spiritual Icons, African Cultures, Myths and Religious Duality to create thought provoking works of art that defy category. The spiritual theme is a thread that can be sensed in all of his timeless works. Along with recent spiritually themed works William’s art collectors from across the country lent pieces that are included in this exhibit.

INSTUDIO Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis recognizes his fine furniture making skills and creative finish applications. William’s expertise was particularly exposed on a beautifully crafted and finished chair that blends Egyptian and West African influences into a usable work of art. Lewis discovered that a pair of sculptures of a Mermaid and Merman were actually beautifully carved vanity cabinets with mirrors and secret drawers.

Water, light and reflection are themes that Rhodes embraces. He points out that the first human reflection was seen in water, the human body is largely water, we couldn’t live without water and water runs as a current throughout religions and spirituality. Purposefully dim lights with a quiet glow in the head of some of his sculptures represent an awakening of the mind. Mirrors in his works are part of both water and religious themes as we are reflected in our beliefs. The furniture maker embodies drawers, chambers and secret compartments in his art. William often doesn’t tell his collectors about them and hides artistic messages for future discovery.

When asked about his own spiritual evolution, William Rhodes says that as he gets older he is evolving beyond the religious and spiritual contexts. He believes in constantly striving to improve himself to allow him to better contribute to society.

He believes in a new age, “The Age of Aquarius!”

What is Your Spiritual Evolution?

The Sargent Johnson Gallery in the African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, California
Tuesday-Saturday, Noon-5:00 pm through February 7, 2013

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