Black Power

Black ARTICLE IMAGEBlack is used by Interior Designers, industrial designers and furniture designers for its ability to capture the eye. Black forms draw attention to their sculptural shapes by defining and creating silhouettes against contrasting surroundings or colors. Black is the darkest color.  It refuses to absorb light and demands to stand on its own as a timeless, classic and elegant color.

Black has staying power that is honored in time. Designers forget about historic negative connotations of black to take advantage of its power to reinforce forms. Modernist designers often used the color to introduce iconic products that have been etched in our minds. The elegance of form is remembered as we think about well designed classics that were first produced in black. Images of grand pianos, Noguchi tables, Le Corbusier Lounges, Eames Chairs, and Fortuny floor lamps come to mind when we think of design innovations.

On a wider range every woman knows the power of a “little black dress”; any man always looks great in a tailored black suit or tuxedo; we think of New Yorkers always wearing black. Our “little black book” has been replaced by our little black screens. A shiny black lacquered box or chest of any style has presence. We may not want them around us but crows, skunks and black cats are quite beautiful to look at; a sleek black polished car of any era always gets our attention; and who doesn’t like a well designed pair of black boots?

Whether you call it Onyx, Ebony, Raven, Charcoal, Midnight or Jet Black, use the power of black forms to develop any style of interior design.

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