Modernist Blonds Are Coming Home

Noguchi Table ARTICLE IMAGEClassic Modernist furnishings by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto were first introduced in blond woods and have stayed true to their blond roots. Light colored woods drift in and out of style trends in the United States. Beautiful blonds now have staying power as modernist classics by architect Charles Eames and sculptor Isamu Noguchi have recently been reintroduced in light colored woods.

Now is the time to bring home a blond! Just like seeing someone for the first time that suddenly went from dark colored hair to blonde it’s shocking to see. The modernist classics are at once familiar yet completely, stunningly new.

INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors are excited by the reinvention. They suggest using the new light wood furnishings to add contrast to dark colored floors, textiles or walls. White on white rooms or pale neutral monochromatic color palettes now have modernist classic furnishings to complement their décor.

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