The Secret Life of Plants Exposed!

Saunders ARTICLE IMAGE 2San Francisco artist Ron M. Saunders expresses his interests and talents in three diverse ways:  landscape architecture, photography and as an artist. He is a professional landscape architect who creates his visions through the natural world with horticulture. His fascination with photography developed into an interest in creating photograms.  (A nineteenth-century photographic process which captures shadow images without a camera or negative.) As a landscape architect, photographer and artist combined, Saunders is continually concerned with balance and composition.

The contrast and detail of his botanical works captures the eye.  Viewers of Ron’s photograms always stop to notice the beauty of nature’s elaborate creations that are often overlooked.  His exhibit “The Secret Life of Plants” can be seen through April, 2013 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO Museum, United Terminal, Check-In, and Ticketing Counters.)

Diverse photogram works by Saunders can be seen at a permanent installation of public art in the courtyard of the recently completed San Francisco Bayview Branch Public Library. Adjacent to the children’s area inside the library his large works were selected for permanent exhibition.

Ron M. Saunders work is represented by the Corden|Potts Gallery, 49 Geary Street, Suite 410, San Francisco, CA.

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