Artist Michael Ross is Drawing Living Houses

Michael Ross ARTICLE IMAGE 2A portrait of a house is usually thought of as the perfectly rendered ideal drawing of a home as envisioned by an architect or builder.  Bay Area artist Michael Ross uses a vivid complementary color palette of artist crayons along with his free form drawing style to capture a deeper life of home.  Michael’s imaginary geometric forms are instantly recognizable as houses but his expressive colorful drawings are contemporary, abstract and as spontaneous as jazz.

We think of houses as stationary places that we call home.  They are in fact living, moving and breathing. Houses change over time taking on the spirit, personality and personal style of current or past occupants changing with age and time just as we do. Ross is excellent at capturing the life of a house in his thought provoking drawings.

San Francisco and the Bay Area are known for unique houses painted in vivid color combinations. Michael developed his colors from another source. While visiting his family home in the southern United States he observed his mother’s colorful “Church Hats” which inspired his exceptional color palette.

Michael Ross is one of ten 3.9 Collective artists exhibiting May 16-19 at the third edition of ArtPad 2013, the San Francisco art event at the Phoenix Hotel.

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