Chairish Your Fine Home Furnishings

CHAIRISH ARTICLE IMAGE2Lynne Gillan was the first of the INSTUDIO Design Directors to discover “Chairish” the online consignment marketplace for design obsessed people to buy and sell exceptional pre-owned home furnishings. The three Design Directors work in the studio as a team to conceptualize and review each interior design project on a regular basis. Over time each takes the lead with individual clients as a project progresses. Weeks ago Lynne mentioned Chairish to Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder who were too immersed in design projects to review the new online furniture site.

Once the designers saw all of the chic offerings on Chairish they were captivated. Samuel was soon sourcing all types and styles of individual pieces that came straight from the owners who had cherished them.  Soon he was developing imaginary living room composites that could be purchased to design a room in a day.  If you cherish what you find on Chairish you have to decide fast. In the few hours that it took to group furnishings together pieces were being marked as sold.

INSTUDIO is always looking for special pieces that cross the boundaries of being artistic, vintage, one of a kind, design source selected, funky, unusual, hip, antique, designer, recycled and special. Their finds on Chairish were all the designers could hope for. The prices are fair and you can tailor the offerings to match your personal style. If you love home furnishings you will cherish Chairish.

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