PINTEREST has New Color Boards by INSTUDIO

Pinterest Color ARTICLE IMAGEA rainbow of living color has been developed as Pin Boards by INSTUDIO Design Directors. Pinterest has become an INSTUDIO gallery exhibiting inspirations, furniture, art, lighting, design, products, textiles and accessories that matches the Design Directors unique style. Previously similar items were grouped together on Pin Boards by period, style, item or product.

The new Color Pin Boards allow Pinterest followers to see a wide range of art and designs related only by color. A RED antique chair, modernist light fixture, vintage toy, contemporary rug, original painting, clock, custom cabinet, new textile or retail furniture design will be grouped together by color. This is meant to broaden thoughts about what you like and what can be used together to create interesting rooms with depth and personality.

Forget color forecasts, color trends, and color combinations that come and go!  Develop your own style by making selections based on the beauty of form, texture, finish and your favorite color. Whether perky pink or basic beige matches your personality include your color preference in large or small amounts when designing your home or business. Whether you like futuristic design, custom one-of-a-kind pieces, classic modernist design or rare antiques the INSTUDIO COLOR Pin Boards on Pinterest are an evolving experience that will let you see color and design in a whole new light.

Live in color!

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