Modern Furniture for the Next Generation

Argington ARTICLE IMAGE 1Argington integrates art and architecture as the design foundation of contemporary baby and children’s furniture. Inspired by the birth of their first child fine artist Jenny Argie and her husband architect and mathematician Andrew Thornton developed sophisticated lines of furniture for a new generation.

Modern in every way the affordable, sculptural, mobile, convertible furniture is, produced with sustainable woods without toxic emissions. Classic colors of the furniture and bedding lines allow parents to personalize a nursery or a children’s room in their own way. The fun contemporary patterns and colors of the organic cotton bedding collection will enhance any decor.

Argington is furniture to grow on. Cribs convert to a toddler bed, twin beds can convert to bunk or trundle beds, the lower bunk of the Uffizi Bed can be converted to desk/table space. The Eiffel Bookcase offers reachable toy/display space for the little ones that is surrounded by cabinet doors. (INSTUDIO Design directors like the design of the Eiffel Bookcase for adults!) The Fuji Toy Box can easily roll with adults as a contemporary ottoman or table.

Bring up the new generation of modernist with Argington.

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