Sculptural Wood Dressers of the 1960’s

Dresser ARTICLE IMAGELong luxurious wood dressers were key elements of master bedroom furniture suites from the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s. With large master bedrooms in homes the1960’s seemed to be the apex of contemporary dresser designs. They were interesting, long, sleek, sexy storage with lots of personality joining us in the bedroom.

The trend for suites of furniture is almost obsolete. We now blend unique furniture styles while selecting individual pieces that match our personal style. Credenzas are long low cabinets with more doors than drawers typically found in dining rooms. Depending on your storage needs a credenza could be utilized as bedroom furniture.

A vintage dresser or credenza can become the focal point of your bedroom. Eliminate the expected matching mirror of a vintage dresser and use one that will complement the room décor. Display art above a dresser and place a tall floor mirror elsewhere in the room. Long low dressers and credenzas can be found at a variety of sources including local thrift shops, vintage stores, flea markets and online sources. INSTUDIO Design Directors found stunning selections at 1st

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