Issey Miyake’s New Forms of Light

MIYAKE ARTICLE IMAGEItalian lighting manufacturer Artemide is internationally known for innovative and iconic designs. INSTUDIO Design Directors visited the San Francisco showroom to view the new IN-EI lighting collection created by fashion designer Issey Miyake. In theory the pairing of a Japanese fashion designer with an Italian lighting company may seem odd. The creative meeting of the minds has produced sculptural forms of free standing, table and suspended lighting like no other.

Known for using mathematics to develop his fashion designs Miyake transforms a single piece of fabric into three dimensional shapes that can be folded flat. His expertise was transferred to his lighting collection. The lamp shade forms are produced without an internal frame. Contemporary in every way the collection uses energy conserving long lasting light emitting diodes (or LED’s) as a light source along with a recycled fabric specially developed for its unique ability to diffuse light.

All light sources create shading, shadows, and color nuance that enhances forms. Each fold captures light to complement its shape. The IN-EI collection strikes a balance between sculpture and lighting that makes each model a functional work of art. Artemide continues its brilliance with beautiful lighting that will enhance any style of interior design.

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