Modern Nursery and Toddler Rooms by INSTUDIO

ARG NURSERY ARTICLE IMAGEArgington Modern Children’s Furniture is a natural match for expecting moms and dads whose contemporary and artistic personal style will soon be part of a nursery or toddler’s room design. A nursery’s plan should include a rocking chair or glider as part of the design for a comfortable room where parents can bond with their baby. Toddler rooms should be designed as a bright interesting space for play, discovery, growth and learning. Stylish modern bassinettes, cribs or a toddler bed by Argington can provide the perfect foundation furniture with their artistic, globally inspired designs for children.

Baby or toddler rooms can reflect a sophisticated style that any parent can appreciate. Using child sized modernist classics or contemporary furnishings in children’s rooms will create a seamless blend throughout the house. Color palettes that play up neutrals or complex hues can be interesting and bright without being boring or expected. Use modern art prints from museum stores, original art by local artists, an amusing assortment of temporary stickers or wallpaper to add a personal touch to a children’s room. Toys that are contemporary, sculptural, or vintage, from your own childhood or inherited from grandparents will add a sense of history, joy and wonder to a nursery or toddler’s room.

INSTUDIO Design Directors imagined chic rooms with Argington children’s furniture to create stunning Style Sheets inspired by very young clients. Follow the ABC’s to develop your design style…



C is for Colorful

D is for Delightful

E is for Easy

F is for FLOR Carpet Tiles

G is for Groovy

H is for Happy


Learn the complete alphabet of nursery or toddler’s room design on your own. If you can’t imagine how to develop your child’s room INSTUDIO Design Directors can teach you fresh ideas wherever you live.

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