Stephen Kladder’s Self Portrait at ArtPrize

SJK Portrait on ARTICLE IMAGEThe creation of art is a large factor in the lives of INSTUDIO Design Directors. Each have dual careers as exhibiting visual artists and maintain a schedule that allows them to produce drawings, paintings, collage, mixed media works and furniture as art. Artistic talents allow them to bring something special to interior design clients in terms of composition, color, unexpected combinations, proportions, balance and rhythm.

Historically artists have used themselves as models when developing their talents for capturing what they see. We only know what a mirror or a camera tells us when we contemplate what we look like so self portraits can be difficult to create.

Design Director Stephen Kladder recently explored the inner and outer self as a portrait with surprising results. One self portrait turned to two. Two self portraits turned to three. The outer portrait is an abstracted version done in a technique called blind contour. The artist never looks at the drawing surface, only the object being drawn, the drawing medium never leaves the page. In general one is drawing with the mind’s eye with often liberating results.

Stephen’s Self portrait will be gaining a wider audience in September when it will be exhibited at Grand Rapids Civic Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a part of ArtPrize. ArtPrize is a city wide juried art event, one of the largest in the nation.

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