New African Inspired Paintings by Samuel Fleming Lewis

Samuel at Saatchi ARTICLE IMAGEThe creativity of African cultures influenced both modern and contemporary artists for generations. Artist and INSTUDIO Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis continuously found timeless appeal in the patterns, details and motifs seen on African artifacts. Expanding from developing drawings, collages, mixed media works and linoleum block prints Lewis has recently completed the first of a series of contemporary abstract paintings.

Both artists and interior designers begin with a vision in the mind’s eye that later becomes reality. When beginning his first paintings in decades Samuel envisioned a vibrant combination of forms and color. The imagery that he’d developed for his series of 12 paintings soon became an overwhelming feast for the eye.  Editing his palette to only black, white and gray allowed the bold forms to speak for themselves. The paintings are alive with symmetry and structure.

New works call for new vehicles of exhibition. Online galleries have become an excellent source of exposure. Samuel selected London based Saatchi Online to become his global gallery. Viewers can select any combination of the original twenty inch square acrylic on canvas paintings at Saatchi Online.

What’s next for Samuel? Two of the next series of twelve large scale paintings are already completed. The African inspired abstract paintings will range from cool sparse black and white graphics to wild painterly abstract expressionism. Go to Indiegogo to support the artist. Samuel is using the crowd funding site to supply materials for his new series of paintings.

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