A Bowl of Art?

KOSTA BODA ARTICLE IMAGEINSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis is always on the lookout for new artistic accessories to put the finishing touches on his client’s home décor.  As an artist he was on his way to buy paint from an art supply store when he decided to take a shortcut through Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco. A walk past the Kosta Boda display stopped Lewis in his tracks. He was captivated by a display of interesting colorful artistic bowls the new Kosta Boda “Basket Bowl”

Kosta Boda is a Swedish glass-works company that has been producing glass products since 1742. To stand out from other European glass-works in 1897 the company began to hire designers and artists to make their products unique. Artistic glass became the foundation of Kosta Boda product lines a tradition that continues today.

Designer Anna Ehrner’s “Basket Bowl” visually brings together the old and the new with the look of a roughly woven basket, contemporary minimal styling and a burst of color that is compared to a splash of a paintbrush full of paint created in sparkling glass. Two sizes are small 12” in diameter and Large 15” in diameter. Colors include white, black, yellow, red, green, blue, pink (small only,) and turquoise (large only). The selection of colors will match any personal interior design style. Afford-ably priced the Basket Bowl is destined to become a collector’s classic.

INSTUDIO sees the vessels as functional works of art. The bowls will add a shot of vibrant color to a room when empty. Combined with fruit the bowls create an artful still life adding interest to a room.

Kosta Boda http://www.kostaboda.us/products/basket-bowl-large-yellow-7051219

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