Welcoming the Next Chapter

VESTA ARTICLE IMAGESixty is the new forty. Stylish youthful active seniors are celebrating their freedom from raising families by trying new things. Seniors are changing their personal style while developing renewed interests in continuing education, sports, food, travel, fashion, the arts and volunteer work. Some seniors start pre- retirement planning for the sale of their too large suburban homes while viewing smaller city center condominiums.  While fashionable seniors may be chic the finishes and furnishings in their homes can be dated or suffer from neglect or the wear and tear of daily family life.

Suburban empty nesters contacted INSTUDIO Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder to freshen the overall design of their home. They didn’t want to start from scratch but did want to enjoy fresh design features while preparing their house for sale as part of a five year plan to retire elsewhere.

On the lower level of the home hardwood floors replaced carpet and vinyl flooring. Dated wallpaper was removed and replaced with lovely paint colors. Tiled kitchen countertops received quartz that coordinated with existing cabinets and backsplash. The family room benefited from a new furniture plan along with new furniture. The staircase and the entire second level received new carpet.

The designers styled the house with family history combining existing furniture, heirloom furnishings, art and lamps throughout. Collected, inherited art was reframed as reused as part of the new design. An artist friend of the homeowners was commissioned to create new paintings for the master bedroom and family room. All bedrooms received new paint colors and bedding as the transformation into new rooms. When the children bring home the grandchildren everyone loves and uses the stylish home that welcomes the couple’s next chapter.

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