SHOCON ARTICLE IMAGE 1Creative people with truly contemporary ideas often face an uphill battle while the rest of us catch up to their innovations. By the time their ideas become integrated as the new normal the creative person is developing fresh ideas that challenge the norm. This describes the thoughts behind Karen McMullen’s new furniture showroom SHO-CON. The name abbreviates showroom consignment.

SHO-CON is the newest of the interior designer and furniture showroom owner’s trio of showrooms which includes Direct Designs Home and Khrome Studios.

Karen has often offered the availability of purchasing products from the floor which is rare for design showrooms. The SHO-CON showroom and website takes advantage of her national and international design industry contacts.  Karen finds floor models, display pieces and prototypes that are seldom available for sale. Her prices reflect a fraction of the regular retail or wholesale cost.

SHO-CON is full of beautiful current designs within a space that brings to mind a classic New York loft.  Huge windows, exposed brick walls, high ceilings along with wood post & beam construction serves as a backdrop to an edited selection of contemporary furnishings. A sense of instant gratification is received from being able to furnish a home with items directly from the showroom floor. Furnishing any part of a home can be done within hours.

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder frequent Karen’s showrooms for her fine selection of contemporary, classic modern, European and locally designed home furnishings. The designers visited SHO-CON while sourcing furniture for new European clients who wanted contemporary design for their new home. After making selections for their clients Lewis & Kladder created imaginary “Style Sheets” for chic contemporary rooms.

SHO-CON   415  552.1100
215 15th Street, San Francisco, CA  94103, (At the corner of Henry Adams and 15th Street, across from DWR and next door to the Galleria)

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