Contemplating Contemporary

CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE 2014 ARTICLE IMAGEContemporary furniture and interior design aligns forms, trends, color palettes and technologies which are created in our time. Almost everyone equates contemporary furniture with clean lined simplicity. Often contemporary furniture designs are so artistic and of the moment that they almost seem out of place in today’s home because of their futuristic look. INSTUDIO interior Design Directors Stephen Kladder and Samuel Fleming Lewis developed a refreshed interest in current contemporary home furnishings when European clients contacted them to design their newly purchased home. The clients wanted furnishings that would push the boundaries of contemporary American style and suggested that they wanted to “show off a bit”. INSTUDIO prepared a list of San Francisco sources for furnishings that could provide them with a contemporary European sensibility.

Furniture designed and produced within the past twenty years was a good starting point. Computer technology, advanced manufacturing techniques, new materials and the influence of art has allowed furniture and industrial designers to create fluid lines reflecting the design of our time. Sculptural forms of contemporary designs are as interesting to look at as they are to use, becoming functional works of art. Some pieces including streamlined shapes seem to be inspired by the retro futuristic television cartoon series of the 1960’s “The Jetsons”. The designers were surprised to find Dutch furniture designs created in 1973 looked as fresh as if they were created today.

Cutting edge designs are an interesting way to add artistic elements to any style of décor yet they are not for everyone.  Like any furniture, personal comfort is as important as the visual aspects. A combination of beauty and comfort should always be considered. All contemporary seating should be tested for how it fits you. Internet sourcing should be avoided unless you are familiar with the piece or are purchasing as an investment. Investment pieces can be found online, at auctions, in galleries and high end residential contemporary furniture stores, Limited edition international collectable pieces can be as expensive as the price of a special car.  The possibilities are almost endless. The slideshow represents a designer wish list of artistic contemporary furniture.

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