Palm Springs Lanai in Orange or Lime

LANAI ARTICLE IMAGE 4For decades Palm Springs, California has been a desert hot spot get away. INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder have annual design meetings with Palm Springs clients who escape cold Midwestern winters seeking the warmth of the deserts sun. The clients decided that it was time to design, furnish and really use their private lanais located in the front and back of their 1960’s classic modernist condominium.  A talk with the clients lets the designers know how each lanai would be used.

Samuel & Stephen approach the design of outdoor living spaces in the same way they would design any room. Furniture and design plans are developed giving the project direction. An orange palette would complement the interior furnishings adjacent to the small front lanai. A Lime green palette would complement the large lanai adjacent to the bedrooms in the back of the condominium.

Instead of purchasing sets of furniture and accessories the designers visited a combination of sources.  They sourced at local vintage shops, an upscale hardware store, and home décor retailers. The mix also included national chain stores like Target, World Market, Home Depot, TJ Maxx, and Lowes. Both interior and outdoor furnishings and accessories are used to create outdoor rooms.

There is no need to limit wall art to interiors. A vintage “Jere” wall sculpture found at a vintage shop is used outdoors in the front lanai. Nate Berkus wall sculptures from Target became focal points in the back lanai. An inexpensive mass produced oil on canvas painting give life to a distant bare wall in the large lanai. The outdoor art is brought indoors seasonally. When creating any type of outdoor room broaden your perspective by balancing indoor and outdoor furnishings. Use unexpected combinations of items and sources to develop your personal spring and summer style.

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