A 1950’s Sculptural Sofa Story

50s SOFA ARTICLE IMAGENever missing an opportunity to find unique home furnishings INSTUDIO Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis is constantly searching for overlooked gems. He goes wherever there may be unique home furnishings for clients, INSTUDIO inventory or his own decor. All sources offer an equal opportunity to find a special treasure for interior design and decoration including Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops, Garage Sales, Junk Stores, Auctions, Charity Stores, Second Hand Stores, Vintage & Retro Stores, Antique Shops, Specialty Shops, Craigslist and clearance centers of Fine Furniture Stores

While visiting Sonoma County Samuel drove past a warehouse building with a sign reading “Amazing Consignment” in Rohnert Park. The non-descript building housed items that were truly amazing. Owners Mona and Rich Reeder have an eye for interesting vintage furnishings. Lewis was stopped in his tracks the moment that he walked through the front door when he saw a 1950’s Sculptural Sofa.

During his Los Angeles childhood, a decorator had moved next door to his home who owned a wild curvy sculptural sofa like nothing Samuel had ever seen before or since. The decorator’s sofa was very similar in style to the one found at Amazing Consignment. Lewis thought the sofa would be perfect for Palm Springs clients who live in a mid-century home and immediately put the sofa on hold.  When the clients were sent photographs they thought the sofa was a little “too interesting” for them. Not needing a new sofa but not being able to erase this sofa from his thoughts Samuel purchased the sofa for himself.

A chartreuse woven fabric was selected for re-upholstery. A subtle restyle included removing welts and unnecessary dated details. Only an experienced upholstery master could transform this special sofa correctly so Samuel got on a waiting list for Roberto Barahona Company. Now the sculptural sofa looks as fresh and contemporary as if it was made today. The special sofa gives Samuel joy every time he sees it. Restoring unique well made furnishings gives a home individual character.

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Amazing Consignment, 5850 Redwood Drive Suite A, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 Telephone: 707 – 799.2469