Samuel Fleming Lewis MAGAZINE SERIES

INTERVIEW ARTICLE IMAGE 2Artists approach creative projects with a vision that is brought to life through their skills with chosen media. When a work of art matches what they see in their minds eye the artist is fulfilled. Sometimes in the creative process an artist stumbles upon new techniques or unexpected results by mistake. When the new and interesting creations are used as part of the artists work the mistake is often referred to as a “Happy Accident”.

Samuel Fleming Lewis was at mid-point of creating a series of twelve large scale black and white paintings. Along with large paintings comes a large amount of unused paint. Lewis doesn’t like to waste paint so he usually starts what he calls “side trips” at the end of each painting session to make use of extra materials. Eyeing an old INTERVIEW magazine in his studio he ripped out a few pages and began painting over page images with wild abandon. Samuel created his own vision of images found in the magazine as a “Happy Accident”.

For decades Interview magazine has featured fashion, actors, artists, musicians, socialites, writers, models, and timely events, people and places all receiving their fifteen minutes of fame in its pages. Features and advertisements are all artfully composed or photographed to make Andy Warhol’s magazine a complete work of art. After each of Samuel’s painting sessions new magazine paintings were made. The paintings now add an edgy look to the walls of the interior design firm INSTUDIO.

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