JCPenny Styled by INSTUDIO

INSTUDIO JCP STYLE 1 Article ImageFurniture is easy to find from a multitude of sources. The difficult part of purchasing furniture is cultivating a cohesive look to match a design plan. INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder have designed homes/rooms in a wide spectrum of styles unique to its clients. The designers looked at previous design client’s personal style to create six diverse Living Rooms using only furniture found on JC Penny online.

Traditional, Country Cottage, Urban Loft, Transitional, Mid Century Modern and Contemporary rooms were developed. Lewis & Kladder use artistic foundations of rhythm, proportion and balance along with relevance to develop the JC Penny Living Rooms. The designers know that a mix of unexpected combinations of furniture, art, lighting, textiles and styles gives a room distinct personality.

There were no compromises in the Design Director’s style sheet furnishings. These rooms would be proudly presented if their client’s wanted entire rooms in their homes purchased from JC Penny. Along with a great selection of furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles a collection of art from is also available on the JC Penny site. INSTUDIO can compose rooms according to your personal style, source and budget with Interior Design Direction.

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