5 Years of INSTUDIO Creativity

SFL&SJK HEADS 2014 ARTICLE IMAGEFive years ago after talking to like-minded interior designers who are equally fine artist Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder were inspired to create a new concept for interior design. The two designers’ have decades of experience in high-end residential design yet they know as artists that any room can be composed visually like a work of art within a reasonable budget. Samuel began his career in the 1970’s designing luxury corporate business spaces through architectural firms. Stephen gained his office design experience in a small firm that planned and designed the cool, casual, colorful spaces for Google. With the combined spectrum of design knowledge and an artistic vision Lewis & Kladder founded INSTUDIO.

The designers’ vision was the fusion of art and design for new generations. As designers the two are practical space planners who as needed also develop interior architecture. With relevance, rhythm, proportion and balance they compose rooms as artists. The combination of art and design for residential or small business clients is reflected in the INSTUDIO service mark “the art of design the business of living”.

Those who “get it” understand how interior design changes lives. A home or business is about your life and should reflect a developed personal style. Lewis and Kladder act as interior Design Directors whose personalized designs come together. INSTUDIO doesn’t have a signature “look” so individual spaces are created for individual people and places.

Samuel’s & Stephen’s clients come from all backgrounds and have diverse needs for their interior design projects. The clients have unique personal styles and are involved in the creation of their design. INSTUDIO has designed residential spaces including complete renovations, townhouses, lofts, country cottages, flats, bungalows, a farmhouse, apartments, condominiums and suburban homes. Business designs include a studio/office for independent film makers, a “zen style” insurance office, a business office for an online consignment furniture source located in a historic building and a photographer’s studio.

The blending of art and design has been successful yet INSTUDIO always wants to take it to the next level. In the past 5 years Stephen has exhibited his artwork in San Francisco venues as well as participating in Michigan’s Artprize event, Samuel continues to exhibit art locally, won a furniture design award and writes design articles. The two have hosted their own “Unofficial Open Studio” events to show their latest works of art.

INSTUDIO the art of design the business of living http://instudio-sf.com/